Do you want to read something new but don’t know what to choose? Here we present 14 options for you to choose from, from recognized authors such as Margaret Atwood and Danielle Steel, to promising novelists like Constanza Casato and Jessa Maxwell. We also present you with the latest nonfiction releases.

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All these new releases will be available on March 7th, 2023.



new book releases in march 2023

Old Babes in the Wood, by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is known for her insightful observations on human nature. This book explores human connections in darkly funny, sad, and deeply moving short stories. This anthology will enthrall you regardless of your acquaintance with Atwood.

new book releases in march 2023 Birnam Wood, by Eleanor Catton

Birnam Wood, by Eleanor Catton

Mira Bunting leads a guerrilla gardening group that plants crops in unnoticed places. When a landslide blocks the Korowai Pass, Mira finds an abandoned farm in the town of Thorndike. This gets the attention of American billionaire Robert Lemoine, who wants to build his end-of-the-world bunker on the land. Mira and Birnam Wood team up with Lemoine, but trust issues arise as their ideologies are tested. The book is a psychological thriller that looks at the human need to stay alive. It has the drama of Shakespeare and the wit of Austen.


new book releases in march 2023 Clytemnestra, by Constanza Casati

Clytemnestra, by Constanza Casati

This text describes a retelling of the story of a queen who was born into royalty but married a tyrant. After experiencing tragedy and injustice, she begins to plot for vengeance. The story is about acceptance and getting even, and the main character is a strong woman who can be both good and bad. This retelling combines elements of the stories of Circe and Cersei Lannister, and offers a unique perspective on a well-known character from ancient history.

new book releases in march 2023 The Golden Spoon, by Jessa Maxwell

The Golden Spoon, by Jessa Maxwell

This suspenseful thriller takes place on the grounds of Grafton, Vermont estate. It revolves around six talented bakers participating in a baking competition called “Bake Week” hosted by renowned baker Betsy Martin. However, when a body is discovered, the competition becomes a murder investigation, and everyone is a suspect. The novel is a perfect blend of mystery and baking that will keep readers engaged until the very end.

new book releases in march 2023 Go as a River, By Shelley Read

Go as a River, By Shelley Read

In this coming-of-age novel set in the 1940s, Victoria Nash is the only female in her family and runs their peach farm. Wilson Moon is a young drifter who meets Victoria and they form a passionate yet dangerous connection. After tragedy strikes, Victoria flees to the mountains to start anew. The novel is a story of love, loss, resilience, and finding a home where it is least expected.

new book releases in march 2023 In Memorian, by Alice Winn

In Memorian, by Alice Winn

Step back in time to 1914, when World War I is raging on, and young men on both sides are being churned through the violence of the front. But for Henry Gaunt and Sidney Ellwood, life is idyllic at their English boarding school. Until news of heroic deaths start to make the war even more exciting. Henry, half German, is dealing with his own private battle – an all-consuming infatuation with his best friend Sidney. Little does he know, Sidney feels the same. When Henry’s family asks him to enlist to avoid anti-German sentiment, he jumps at the chance to escape his overwhelming feelings for Sidney. But to his horror, Sidney joins him at the front, and their classmates soon follow. Now, death surrounds them, and no one knows who will be next. In Memoriam is a breathtaking debut that tells an epic tale of forbidden romance and the devastating tragedies of war.


new book releases in march 2023 All that is mine I Carry with Me, by William Laday

All that is mine I Carry with Me, by William Laday

Imagine coming home from school to find your mother missing. For Miranda Larkin, this is the start of a lifetime of mystery and unanswered questions. Her mother, Jane Larkin, disappears without a trace, leaving behind no evidence and no suspects. As the years pass, the case grows colder until the discovery of Jane’s remains reignites the investigation. The Larkin children must choose whether to stand by their father or to seek justice for their mother’s death. All That Is Mine I Carry With Me is a riveting tale of family, secrets, and the limits of that loyalty.

new book releases in march 2023 White Fox, by Owen Matthews

White Fox, by Owen Matthews

It’s 1963 and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vasin is sent to direct a gulag camp in Russia’s frozen tundra, a punishment for his past failures. However, when violence erupts in the camp and a mysterious prisoner claims to know who ordered President Kennedy’s assassination, Vasin is forced to go on the run with him. The two embark on a dangerous journey across the Soviet Union, from the wastelands of Siberia to the streets of Moscow, pursued by the deadliest spy and police organizations in the world. With his loyalty, morality, and patriotism pushed to the limit, Vasin must choose between falling in line or fighting against the system. Owen Matthews’ White Fox is a thrilling page-turner that weaves together history and politics, forcing its characters to make impossible decisions.

new book releases in march 2023 Worthy Opponents, by Danielle Steel

Worthy Opponents, by Danielle Steel

In the first of four releases expected from Danielle Steel this year, Spencer Brooke always knew she was destined to lead her grandfather’s luxurious department store in New York City. But life hasn’t been easy since her father’s death, and now as a divorced single mother of twin boys, Spencer faces new challenges in the ever-evolving fashion industry. Mike Weston, known for transforming small businesses into bigger successes, sees Brooke’s as the perfect opportunity to build something greater. But Spencer refuses to be tempted by outside investors meddling in her family business. That is, until bad luck strikes, forcing her into a corner. Will she stay true to her grandfather’s vision or take a chance on Weston’s offer? A tale of family, legacy, and tough decisions, Brooke’s Legacy is a captivating read for any fashion and business enthusiast.



Forager: Field Notes for Surviving a Family Cult, by Michelle Dowd

Michelle Dowd grew up in an ultra-religious cult on a mountain in the Angeles National Forest. In this community, she endured abuse, poverty, and isolation while obeying strict religious and patriarchal rules. But as she grew older, she realized she had the strength to break free and survive in the natural world. Forager is a poignant memoir that interweaves individual edible plants’ stories and their uses to anchor each chapter. It is both a coming-of-age story and a reflection on the ways in which understanding nature can lead to freedom and joy.

new book releases in march 2023 Forager: Field Notes for Surviving a Family Cult, by Michelle Dowd

Women We Buried, Women We Burned: A Memoir, by Rachel Louise Snyder

In Women We Buried, Women We Burned, Rachel Louise Snyder tells her own story of survival and resilience. Expelled from school and home at the age of 16, Snyder found herself living out of her car and relying on strangers. Her survival became her beat as a reporter, taking her to places like India, Tibet, and Niger, where she interviewed those who had been through unimaginable experiences. Living in Cambodia for six years, Snyder watched a country confront its own recent history of horror. Through her journey, Snyder gained a new perspective on old family wounds and found a chance for healing from an unexpected source. A memoir of transformation, Women We Buried, Women We Burned is a piercing account of Snyder’s journey from teenage runaway to reporter on the global epidemic of domestic violence.

new book releases in march 2023 Women We Buried, Women We Burned: A Memoir, by Rachel Louise Snyder


new book releases in march 2023 Who Gets Believed?: When the Truth Isn't Enough, by Dina Nayeri

Who Gets Believed?: When the Truth Isn’t Enough, by Dina Nayeri

In Who Gets Believed?, author and former refugee Dina Nayeri delves into the complex and unsettling issue of believability. Drawing on personal experience and case studies, Nayeri explores why honest asylum seekers are often dismissed as liars, and the larger cultural implications of our views on believability in a range of situations from emergency rooms to consulting jobs. Who Gets Believed? is a profound reflection on language, human psychology, and the social codes that shape our interactions.

new book releases in march 2023 
Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock, by Jenny Odell

Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock, by Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell challenges our society’s relationship with time and its emphasis on efficiency and profit. Drawing on pre-industrial cultures and ecological cues, Odell explores alternative ways of experiencing time that can lead to a more humane and responsive way of living. She argues that our current relationship with time is not only connected to social inequities but also to the climate crisis and existential dread. By becoming stewards of different rhythms of life, Odell shows us how we can shift away from a life centered on work and the office clock towards one where time forms the medium of possibility. Saving Time offers a subversive and hopeful vision for a world where time is not just a standardized unit but a source of meaning outside of work and profit.


I Am Debra Lee: A Memoir, by Debra Lee

Debra Lee, former CEO of Black Entertainment Television Networks, recounts her ascent to the top of the entertainment industry and breaking through gender and racial barriers in her debut book. Part memoir and career advice, Lee shares key insights and lessons from her journey, from her childhood in the South to her years at Brown University and Harvard Law, and ultimately becoming the second CEO of BET. Lee shares her personal struggles and triumphs as a modern woman in leadership and tackles important topics like motherhood, reproductive choice, corporate diversification, and being Black in America. I AM DEBRA LEE is a captivating and inspiring story of power, perseverance, and success that highlights the need for more business and leadership memoirs from Black women at Lee’s level.

new book releases in march 2023 I Am Debra Lee: A Memoir, by Debra Lee